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Natural Loose Diamonds


Top Quality Natural Loose Diamonds Wholesale Supplier Online

UOI Goldiamond is natural loose diamonds wholesale supplier who provides the perfect loose diamonds. There are many available for you to select from, and each one has been carefully cut to enhance its shine. You may find different diamonds by shape, cut, carat, color, and clarity. Our professional geologists carefully choose & double check each of our loose diamonds to ensure they are natural 100%.

Loose diamond refers to a polished and cut diamond. The finished product that began with a rough diamond that was extracted from the mine is a loose diamond. We offer loose diamonds for sale and prepare them for mounting on a ring, pendant, pair of earrings, or other item of jewelry.

Best Wholesale Suppliers of Loose Diamonds

As the best quality natural wholesale diamonds supplier, UOI Goldiamond sells Certified diamonds that have had their 4C grading verified by the GIA. These diamonds come with a certificate attesting to their unique characteristics such as cut, color, carat, and clarity. Additionally, each certified diamond has a different GIA number.

Since of all the jewels, diamonds are the hardest. Diamonds, which rate a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, are ideal for everyday use and are unbreakable. They are the ideal stone for engagement rings Loose diamonds are the perfect choice for weddings because it easily customized in any shape from classic traditional rings to complex designs. Sourcing gold in bulk from us ensures the best quality that are durable.

Loose Diamonds at Wholesale Price for Multiple Used

UOI Goldiamond reputable loose diamond wholesalers offer a wide range & variety of loose diamonds as we know the appealing look of a diamond set in an engagement ring, pair of earrings, pendant, or other fine jewelry. However, diamonds may be utilized for a variety of other items than jewelry because of their exceptional strength and unique properties.

Industrial applications are where diamonds are most frequently used, outside of beautiful jewelry. In saws and drills, several sectors, including the automotive, mining, and military, use loose diamonds. Naturally, the best and sturdiest material to utilize for cutting and polishing. Many cosmetic businesses now sell goods that contain diamond dust.

Here are some multiple uses of loose diamonds:

  • Wide Variety of Diamond Shapes and Sizes
  • Perfect for Custom Engagement Rings
  • Suitable for Jewelry Repairs
  • Ideal for Craftsmen and Artists
  • Bulk Purchase Options Available
  • Customization and Personalization
  • Guaranteed Quality and Authenticity
  • Expert Assistance and Support
  • Fast and Secure Shipping
  • Competitive Wholesale Discounts


Diamonds may also provide health advantages. The tiniest diamond fragments known as nano diamonds are a thousand times smaller than a human hair. Showed the efficiency of cancer treatments Because they reflect light and are compatible with human cells, nano diamonds were the material of choice for the researchers. Using the reflecting qualities of the diamonds, loose diamonds are used by some audiophiles to enhance sound quality. Because diamonds are so hard, they may vibrate at fast rates and emit sounds of a high caliber. Natural loose diamonds wholesale supplier supply products of any shape & design.

Buying Guides form a Quality Natural Wholesale Diamonds Supplier

The commonly recognized standard qualities for a diamond that defines its quality and worth are the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. While each of the four ‘C’s’ contributes to a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle, the cut is the most crucial. When hunting for a diamond, finding the ideal balance between these 4 Cs can help you strike the right note between beauty and value. So, here is the guide by UOI Goldiamond, the quality natural wholesale diamonds supplier in the world.

Multiple Diamond Types:

  • Diamond beads
  • Black Diamond
  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds
  • Cut Diamonds

Multiple Diamond Shaped:

  • Pear Cut Diamonds
  • Oval Cut Diamonds
  • Round Cut Diamonds
  • Triangle Cut Diamonds

Color: As white or colorless a diamond is determined by its color grade. According to the GIA, diamonds are graded from D to Z, with D being the most colorless and Z having a pronounced brown or yellow tinge. The majority of diamonds contain shades of yellow or brown, making colorless gems rare. As a result, a colorless diamond scores higher on the color grading scale than a pale-yellow diamond.

Clarity: Natural diamonds are made when carbon is exposed to extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s interior. Numerous internal traits referred to as “inclusions” and outward characteristics referred to as “blemishes” may be produced as a result of this procedure. The most important quality of a diamond is to Pick a spotless diamond. A diamond’s fire or brightness shouldn’t be diminished by flaws or imperfections.

Cut: Since it most directly affects a diamond’s beauty, cut is the most important of all the diamond qualities. To achieve an amazing cut, look for high levels of brilliance and fire and be prepared to spend less in other areas like clarity or color.

Carat: The size of the diamond you receive will depend on how well you balanced the other three Cs. You can buy the largest, most beautiful diamond within your budget if everything is precisely balance.

Find Natural Loose Diamonds Wholesale Supplier?

UOI Goldiamond is one of the most reputable online natural loose diamonds wholesale supplier that are certified we customize your diamond in various ways UOI Goldiamond promise to safeguard your financial information.

We supply high-quality natural loose diamonds that are entirely natural no added or artificially increased clarity we make your piece of jewelry more elegant & beautiful by adding a piece of diamond. We also provide a return policy within 30 days without any questioning. UOI Goldiamond also offers natural gemstone wholesale at low cost or best price, to showcase their attractive glitter and artistic diamond cuts, UOI Goldiamond provides loose diamonds.

Nevertheless, it is amazing how diamonds are being use in new and inventive ways to make the world a better place. Loose diamonds are demonstrating their value in a wide range of industries, including construction, healthcare, and home stereos.

We ensure to continuously sell diamonds of the best quality at the best price if you want to buy wholesale diamonds in bulk or single contact us.


Q: Are laboratory grown diamonds unique?

A: Lab-grown diamonds have unique qualities but may lack the rarity of natural diamonds.

Q: Does a natural diamond lose value?

A: Natural diamonds can retain or increase in value over time, depending on various factors.

Q: How well do natural diamonds hold their value?

A: Natural diamonds generally hold their value well, influenced by market demand and quality factors up to 25% to 50% value.

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