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When we mention types of diamonds, what image comes to mind first? We believe that the round brilliant cut would have been the most widely popular and timeless diamond cut of all time. However, you can cut diamonds with hard and edgy surface patterns that are complex to create a variety of forms. The skill of master craftsmen lies in crafting this flawless diamond.

Although they are entirely different features of a diamond’s appearance, the terms “diamond cut” and “diamond shape” are commonly used interchangeably. The diamond cut is the precise arrangement of facets, or cuts, on the diamond’s surface, whereas the diamond shape is the diamond’s form.

Types of Diamonds Cuts

The cut is king when it comes to diamonds. It is the one element that determines a diamond’s beauty, and eventually, it’s worth the most. Three main factors determine a diamond’s cut quality: brightness, fire, and contrast. The diamond’s total light performance works as brightness and it make essay to spot fake diamonds. Moreover, its dispersion into spectrum colors, or “flashes” or “sparkle,” works as fire. Moreover, the clarity with which those flashes stand out against their background, which you can call a contrast.

There are some popular diamond cuts, and each has special qualities of its own. We’ll go over each of the cuts in-depth in this blog article. In this way, you can choose wisely when buying your next diamond. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about the many kinds of diamond cuts and types of diamonds moissanite within the further. 

Top Diamond Cut And Shapes:

1. Cut Oval

An additional stunning option that characterizes grace and beauty in jewelry is an oval-cut diamond. Its stretchable form gives it a contemporary look, and its large surface area enhances the beauty of an oval-cut diamond. In addition, it is the ideal diamond cut to incorporate into traditional, elegant diamond jewelry.

2. Cut Cushion

A cushion cut has perfect edges for a fine and appealing look. This cut resembles a square or a rectangle in overall shape. This kind of diamond cut is popular for its fire or the colored light reflections it produces from its angles. There is a great desire for jewelry with a retro feel. 

3. Princess Cut

A princess-cut diamond can also come under artificial diamonds and works well with any jewelry design. The magnificent contemporary shape of a square or emerald brings out the best of a princess-cut diamond. It provides versatility in terms of fitting into various accessory kinds. 

The diamond’s hue is visible in the center, yet each corner displays a different tint. There are a few sides on the girdle, but the majority are found on the pavilion and crown. Among the contemporary styles of diamond jewelry, it is a popular diamond cut.

4. Rounded Cut

The most common and traditional diamond cut is the round cut. Manufacturers expertly engineer it for maximum glimmer. It astounds everyone with the round cut diamond’s brilliant design. If you compare it to other diamond cuts, the round brilliant cut is more costly since it is a luxury craft. Moreover, it gives Indian diamond jewelry creations a touch of refinement.

We have a large selection of Indian diamond jewelry at UOI Gold Diamond, all of which feature round-cut diamonds for optimal brilliance.

5. Cut Emerald

The diamond with an emerald cut has rectangular facets. The extension of the surface provides a deep clarity, a delicate reflection, and the shape of the step cut. You may style them in diamond hoop earrings for an appealing look. 

Also, it differs from the other kinds of diamond cuts because of the step cut on the corners. The transparency of a diamond as emphasizes by the emerald cut. Other than its brightness or fire.

6. Warm Cut

Other than the round and emerald diamond cuts, the radiant cut diamond is more resilient. Even though they are not as bright as round-cut diamonds. The radiant cut diamonds nevertheless have a lot of fire. Your heart may skip a beat because of the radiant cut’s brilliant brilliance, which appears by its excellent finish. 

Diamond Asscher-Cut

Types of diamonds one kind of step-cut is the Asscher-cut, which you can differentiate by its distinct square shape and stepped facets. It has some emerald-cut similarities use renewable resource. Also, it looks amazing in a 2 carat oval diamond ring for a perfect look. 

The Asscher brothers from Holland created it in 1902, and ever since then, it has become a well-liked option for engagement rings. A diamond cut noted for its elegance and sophistication, the asscher diamond cut is sure to catch anyone’s eye!

It’s critical to understand the specifics of each kind of diamond ring when searching for the ideal one to ensure that you make the appropriate choice.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

A diamond in the shape of a heart represents love. It has been a classic diamond shape for generations and is the most romantic of all diamond forms. Other than women, men’s diamond earrings are a common style as wellThe tip at the bottom of the heart forms by trimming the two rounded ends of a round brilliant-cut diamond after you cut it into the shape of a pear. 

Finding a heart-shaped diamond with the right proportions can be challenging because of its asymmetrical shape, but the ideal one will have 58 facets. However, the same number as a round brilliant. It’s crucial to consider the diamond’s overall form and symmetry when selecting a heart-shaped diamond.

The best hearts will have a perfectly symmetrical outline, with the depth and size of each half being equal. A heart-shaped diamond’s optimal length-to-width ratio is 1:1.05, which means that the length should be somewhat longer than the width. This preserves the stone’s unique shape while giving it a beautiful appearance.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds are a particular kind of diamond cut that you can utilize in jewelry, including engagement rings and diamond hoop earrings. The diamond’s form, which resembles a pillow or cushion, gave rise to the term “cushion.” 

Cushion-shaped diamonds are popular for their romantic and vintage appearances. They rank among the most suitable cuts for engagement rings as well. Cushion-cut diamonds are a close second to round brilliant diamonds as the most preferred choice for engagement rings. 

Diamonds with cushion cuts come in a range of sizes and shapes. Although squares are the most popular shape, they are also available in oval, rectangular, and even heart shapes. Two primary categories of cushion cuts exist altered dazzling cuts. 

The Best Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

When radiant cut diamonds first came in 1977, they were square or rectangular stones with 70 facets, a total of 12 on the skirt and 58 on the crown or top quality types of diamonds. Radiant diamonds today are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They always keep the characteristic chopped corners that give them such a unique appearance.

Round Brilliant Cut

Various factors, like as personal desire, fashion trends, and cultural customs, influence the most popular diamond shapes and cuts. Round brilliant diamonds, on the other hand, are a shape that is constantly among the most popular.

The round-cut diamond’s timeless and classic appearance has made it beloved for generations. It contains 58 facets in all, all of which combine to provide an amazing show of color and light. There are more cut types, such as tennis bracelet diamond, which are also unique. 


When choosing a types of diamonds, color becomes important because it affects both beauty and value. The color chart offers guidance for making the right judgments. At UOI Gold & Diamond, a natural loose diamonds wholesale supplier provides affordable diamonds. The decision comes down to priorities, personal tastes, and the intricate relationship between cut, carat, color, and clarity. Knowing the subtleties guarantees a diamond that speaks to the uniqueness and endures throughout a time when making this lasting purchase.

You can design a piece of jewelry that will dazzle for years to come with a diamond of the proper cut, and you may style it as a sea of flames diamond. Choosing the appropriate diamond cut is crucial to crafting a stunning and shimmering jewelry item. When choosing a diamond cut, it’s vital to take into account a number of elements since the diamond’s overall brightness, fire, and scintillation are what determine its cut.

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